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Zuvaa – An African Movement

Staci JonesComment
Zuvaa – An African Movement

A lot of you may be wondering what is Zuvaa. Is she a person? Is she an artist? It does sound very artistic. Or is this a movement? Well, sort of.

Zuvaa is an online marketplace that highlights African inspired fashion designers. The website features pieces from designers of apparel, shoes, and even accessories. Now I’ve seen plenty of African heritage garb in my lifetime. African textile prints have always been, well simply stunning. But the actual garments have never been my style. So I thought.

My good friend invited me to this event this past weekend, hosted by Zuvaa. I checked out the website, I saw a few things that looked interesting, and immediately replied yes. However, I was not expecting what I saw in person. I immediately felt overwhelmed as soon as I entered the building. The room was dark, but exploding with colorful garments. Immediately, I knew that I made the right decision to attend.

Each garment rack was filled with impeccably sewn garments. The highlight of the tour, was Houston’s own Onyii Brown of Onyii & Co ( Her prints are definitely African inspired, but the actual garment designs are infused and styled in a way that makes the pieces look avant-garde, but still very wearable. I wanted every piece she had.

Check out a few of her pieces:

Edith Wrap Dress, $268

Geneviève Maxi Skirt, $248


Jacqueline Jumpsuit, $358


Also check out these other items that I snagged from some of the other designers I was really digging below.



Off the Shoulder Records Shirt, Öfuurë by Tehilah, $60

Print Clutch, Suakoko Betty, $59

Raw Copper Oversized Hoop Earrings, $45