Staci's Fall/Winter Wish List

Staci's Fall/Winter Wish List

It’s funny, because the year I decided to launch my blog is the year I decided to be more fiscally responsible. Singing “Isn’t it ironic” by Alanis Morissette. Don’t worry. I’m still shopping. I just have to be a lot more selective about the things that go into my closet.

So I’ve made a decision to update my fall wardrobe with only shoes, accessories and outerwear. I mean let’s be real. I have enough clothes. I do. And I kind of cheated because at the end of every fall/winter season, I score tons of product at 75-90% off on clearance and just pack it away until the next season. So technically, I’ve already bought about 6 fall/winter pieces. The only exception would be a formal or semi-formal event that may pop up occasionally. I will budget for this as needed. However, living in Texas, you are always able to score cooler climate items at the end of the season because retailers always allocate too much. It’s just the price of doing business. You need to make sure it’s there just in case it gets cold.

So instead of buying more clothes that I really don’t need, I thought it’d be smarter to invest in items that could change the look of the clothing I already own. Isn’t that smart? This list is not long, but it’s a good one. So grab a cup of tea and get to reading.



Why? Because I don’t have one. Well……I take that back. I do have a few faux leather ones and a couple of genuine leather jackets in neutral tones. But everyone needs a black one that will last you for years. I don’t want it to be super trendy. It should be classic looking, with a little bit of an edge, if that’s your style. I chose this one because it has the motorcycle details on the upper sleeves, which gives it the edge I like, and it has a couple of unique pocket options. A couple of them have zip closures and one has a snap closure.

This one retails at Nordstroms for $320. Typically more than I would want to spend on any one clothing item. But A) It is technically outerwear. You can raise your budget for this. B) It's real leather and you will have this in your closet for as long as you want it or as long as you can still fit it. C) The look of this jacket is never going out of style. Ever.



Okay. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Stuart Weitzman Tieland Over the Knee boot is the hottest thing. It’s the boot that hugs your legs and pretty much looks good on everybody. The only thing wrong with this boot is that it's $800. All the nopes. I sought out to find an affordable replacement. And looky looky at what I found. I love this boot, and the edginess of the Lucite acrylic heel is everything. EVERYTHANG! I’m obsessed with Lucite heeled shoes this season. This shoe is the perfect combo. And the price is……..wait for it…………$60. I like the fact that it has a block heel, which are typically easier to wear and it’s not that high. It’s just the right amount of sexy. And these are sexy. Oh and they are also made in black. They’re in my cart.


If you’ve seen the Yeezy Season collection, you may recognize this boot. The difference is that the Yeezy boot retails for $995. This shoe is just as fly and retails for $65. That’s all that needs to be said. This boot speaks for itself. I’d send this shoe on dates by itself. I mean seriously. Sigh……I will reluctantly share that this shoe can be found on Public Desire, a shoe site based out of the UK. One of my favorite shoe retailers, if you must know. *Rolls eyes*


Bomber jackets were a thing in the 90s. I had one or two back in the day, but they really weren’t my thing. They started making a comeback a few years back. You can thank your favorite or not so favorite rapper Kanye for part of its resurgence. He ordered over 100 bombers for his Yeezus tour back in 2013. Since then, this trend has slowly but surely made its way to mainstream retail. And you know what, I kind of like it.

This is the perfect option for women who live in Southern regions where the average low during winter months is about 50°F……..okay 58°F. And if you pick the right jacket, you can pair this with a sexy dress, crop top or jumpsuit and you won’t lose the spirit of your outfit. You know what I mean. When it’s chilly outside, we don’t like to wear coats or jackets that hide the outfit. Hell, we put a lot of time and thought into our entire look. So instead, we’d decide to freeze our arses off and go jacketless.

I chose the piece above because it is so stylish and effortless, it compliments your look. It doesn’t take away from it at all. And it’s also a jacket that can be dressed down with simple white tank top, skinny jeans and a pair of white converse lows. This one hails from Fashion Nova. Fashion Nova had a lot of bomber jacket styles, but I liked the stitching detail of the one pictured above. Not to mention, that color is everything. Retail for only $34.99. Click Qty 1, Add to Cart, Proceed to Check Out.


In my upcoming All the Nopes post, you will see that there are a list of things that I’m simply not doing anymore. And paying for high arse sunnies are one of them. I’m over it. Yes, the quality is better than your $5 Claires options, but there are a lot of retailers that are providing dupes or looks that look just as dope for a quarter of the price. So in my constant quest to save my coins, I’ve found other alternatives. I bought a few cute styles from and the quality is excellent. The retails ranged from $30-$35.

But I recently have been turned on to a brand out of Austrailia called Le Specs. Seriously. Go to their site now! They have some of the hottest shades in the industry and the retails are anywhere from $59-$119. The ones pictured above are the Last Lolita, which is from their lux line. These retail for $119. However, there are tons of haute options that retail well below that.


Ahhhhh the mule. I actually refuse to call them mules. I’ll just call them slides. So let’s try this again. Ahhhhhhh the slide. It’s back. And it’s back in a big way. The most infamous mule…..I mean the slide that never seems to go out of style is the Gucci slide, more specifically the Princeton, which retails for about $595. The stylish and wealthy have always had this staple in their closet, but this look is becoming more mainstream, mainly due to Gucci’s new Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Some may say that Gucci had lost its way for the past several years. I have to agree because this is the first time, in a long time that I have coveted a bag from this brand. (The Gucci Dionysus bag is a showstopper. But I digress.) So it’s no wonder that its infamous slide has inspired mainstream appeal with trendy retail brands like Zara. This Zara slide……simply named Leather Slide With Bow, is adorable. It’s a flat, real leather, easy to wear, and black. Life is short. Just buy them.


Sigh. I don’t need another pair of booties. Seriously….I DON’T NEED ANOTHER PAIR OF BOOTIES. Ahhhh….but these are more like shooties. Whew…..that was close. Okay. These shooties are simply stunning. They speak for themselves. They are genuine suede and the heel is not too high, but still sexy as hell. They are from Kendall + Kylie, they are called the Ginny and they retail for $199. Damn it. Where is my credit card? Available at Nordstroms.


$36 Stevie Ribbon Choker  

$36 Stevie Ribbon Choker  

$36 Lariat Choker

$36 Lariat Choker

$28 Whitely Choker

$28 Whitely Choker

So we’ve come to the end of my wish list. But what wish list is complete without jewelry? I’m sure you’ve started to see chokers come back in a major way. I love it. I loved chokers back when they were hot, so I am super excited to see this trend resurface. I’m more interested in the ribbon inspired pieces, than the jewel tone versions……for now. Baublebar is my go to for the majority of accessories that I don’t make myself, so I have seen a lot of interesting ones that could be added to the list later this fall. I posted a couple of looks that I like, and it shows that how much a basic top can be elevated with this simple touch. This is one of my favorite trends of the season so far. You can pick these up at