One and Only Part Deux

One and Only Part Deux

Moving on to accessories, the question remains, where would you shop if you only had one place that you could buy jewelry? You’ve probably already guessed if you follow me on IG. Unlike the wardrobe pick, this one leads by a landslide. And her name is H&M.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of the apparel in H&M lately, although I still shop their floor frequently. Hell, I just bought a dress on clearance for $7 that I’m packing away for next spring. I can probably get away with wearing it now in Texas, but I’m really trying to let summer go and move on, hoping that the weather catches up with me. But day in and day out, if I want a fresh look, H&M often times falls a little short for me. The clothes that I do like are actually pricier than I am willing to pay at H&M. Or it’s simply done better at Zara. Sorry. That’s just the way it is.

But their jewelry…………………... I need a moment.

They kill it in this department. Zara can’t touch them. I will admit that Zara has some interesting pieces. But more times than not, it’s more than I am willing to spend on costume jewelry. The best costume jewelry is trendy and affordable. A lot of budget brands do a decent job curating a nice jewelry assortment. But H&M is always ahead of the trends and honestly, I see pieces there that I haven’t seen before. You never know what you’re going to find. It’s actually pretty freaking amazing. I simply cannot go into a store and not buy one piece of jewelry. I find something that I MUST have every single time. Well done H&M. Well done indeed.

The only caveat to H&M’s accessory selection is that in some categories, they carry a limited assortment online. For example, the jewelry selection in most stores is far more extensive in store than online, which is rare. Normally, the opposite is true. However, this could be a testament to how strong their e-comm business really is. They could simply sell out very quickly online. What a great problem to have!

Anyhoo, check out my recent H&M haul below:

The sets were $7.99 and the single round earrings were only $5.99. You’ve probably guessed that I love big earrings. But listen. I have short hair. Sometimes I need to take some pressure off of this cute face. But I digress. Those pieces above are so different and easy to wear. And of course, I am really digging the mix matched earring trend as well. Yes please and thank you. Check out some of my other picks below.

H&M is another one of those that doesn’t “name” their styles. So all you get is “gold earrings” for $6.99.

This pompom beanie is just adorable. You started to see the pompom trend last year and this has continued through fall. Check out Zara’s uber cute pompom shoes that are basically a show stopper. This was added to my fall wish list on the low, so I thought it was only right that I share with you my plans. 


Anyway, I digress. Back to the beanie. This is an affordable way to implement this trend for only $13. I want it and I will have it. And you should too.

Now I will be the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of belts. I think I own 3 and when they are worn, they stay out of sight and out of mind. Belts are just one of those things that are a necessary evil to keep my pants from falling. However, some people really love them. I don’t, but I do love the belt above. Why, you ask? Because it’s not just a belt. It’s a statement making piece that’s not meant to be worn hidden. This is the perfect accessory to pair with a simple dress that just needs a little extra love. This would actually be great paired with that little black dress from Zara featured in yesterday’s post. This belt is a tad bit pricey for $25, but given the fashion elements of this belt, I think it’s worth the money. If you happen to be a belt lover, then buy this ish.

I hope you enjoyed my one and only accessory pick. Stay tuned to my next pick coming tomorrow. No sneak peak. Just check back and you’ll find out.